Frequently asked questions

Is it legal?

We’ve worked very hard to produce a robust set of procedures and operating methods inline with Civil Aviation Authority legislation and guidance. We hold the required permission issued by the CAA which will usually be recognised in other countries outside of the UK. Naturally we also hold the necessary insurance to perform drone light shows.

What if it’s raining?

Our drones are all designed and manufactured in house and have been built using the worlds leading components.  We’ve used motors that are water resistant and designed to be submerged in water and still work afterwards.  We can fly in rain as long as it is not heavy.

What permissions are required?

In order to produce a swarming light display a NOTAM must be in place and applied for with the CAA. This warns aircraft of the event. 28 days notice is usually required but please do contact us if time is less than this.

Who do I need to inform?

The local police can be informed as a matter of courtesy. The attention a light show can cause will result in local people wondering what is happening!

Will I see a preview?

We design the show chorography in 3D animation software. It is part of our service to provide a visual animation as a video and / or photographs.

Can you provide fireworks, lasers, sound?

We are able to provide fireworks, lasers and PA all in house as part of the service.  We can also provide filming and licensed drone photography.

How far away do people need to be?

It depends on the height of the swarm. But as a rough guide we’ll need at least 200 x 200 metres of sterile ground that we have complete control of. This must be kept secure at all times.

How do I book your services?

Get in touch with us by email or phone in the first instance.  We’ll then listen to your requirements and come up with some suggestions and ideas.  You’ll find us a friendly team of professional people happy to go the extra mile.

How much notice do you need?

Ideally 6 weeks minimum, but we have produced a drone show with 30hrs notice before. It is possible to work to very short time frames but our animation team ideally need a few weeks as a minimum to work on your display – we also need to co-ordinate airspace with the CAA and any local airports.