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Events – Advertising – Logos in the sky – Fireworks – Lasers – Lighting – Aerial Video
We produce your drone light shows, Drone Swarm Displays, Drone Firework Displays – in the UK

Drones or Unmanned Aircraft create amazing light displays in the sky. add something very different to your event, concert, product launch, music festival, celebration, advertisement, gig, airshow, theme park, party or wedding.

If you’re new to the concept of drone swarming or a drone light show then don’t worry – we’re here to guide you through every step of adding a drone swarm show to your event. Our friendly staff will listen to what you want to achieve and give you ideas to add that extra modern touch to your event. Make the first step and get in touch with us for a no obligation quotation.

Our drone swarming system fleet comprises of UA or Unmanned Aircraft that are designed and manufactured in house. They are rainproof which means we can fly when it is raining and carry industry leading LED technology capable of producing 16.7 million colours in vivid intensity. Our proprietary firework control system allows us to fire effects from the drones during flight. We do all of our design work in house and from the same office have world class competition winning firework and laser designers if you need those elements as well. We are able to offer a complete package with perfect synchronisation.

In order to fly drone light shows in the UK special permission is required from the CAA and a NOTAM must be in place. We take care of this as part of our service and also advise on the operating / security requirements. We serve the whole of the UK whether you need a London drone show for NYE or a drone show in Scotland.

Let’s get you excited about the possibilities –  Contact us here to discuss your drone light show.

We provide Drone Light Show design, operation and consultancy.  We design and build drone light show platforms in the UK for use in drone light show displays.  Firework drone light shows, Laser and drone light shows – whatever you have in mind we’ll work to not just meet your expectations but exceed them.