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Drone Proposal shows: “Drones Illuminate the Path to Forever in Spectacular Marriage Proposals”

Envision an evening sky illuminated by a stunning array of lights that gracefully dance and twirl, crafting intricate shapes and words narrating a tale of love.

In this contemporary era of innovation, drone light shows have emerged as a captivating and enchanting method to propose to your loved one. 

DroneSwarm are proud to have pioneered this method of asking the question in the UK.

Amidst the symphony of twinkling lights, the question is asked…

As night descends, a fleet of synchronised drones takes flight, their luminous forms brightening the expanse of the night. With precision and elegance, they choreograph a mesmerising display, adorning the air with symbols of fondness and cherished memories exchanged between two hearts. 

We’ll even set the display to your special song.

Drone Marriage Proposal Mia

She said yes!

The harmonious fusion of technology and emotion creates an indelible moment where technological enchantment elevates the timeless act of proposing, transforming it into a story to be recounted with wonder and admiration for years to come.

Rhys and Megan

The UK’s first ever drone proposal

August 26th 2023 DroneSwarm produced the UK’s first ever drone proposal show.

Taking place at Newby Hall near Ripon – watch this short movie we produced capturing the event.

Rhys and Megan

The UK’s first ever drone proposal

Watch the full display set to the couple’s favourite songs.  Performed infront of the audience at Firework Champions as a complete surprise.

Picture a starlit evening, where the velvety night sky becomes a canvas for a dazzling display of lights, forming words and shapes that whisper tales of love. In an era marked by innovative expressions of affection, DroneSwarm’s remarkable drone light shows have emerged as a remarkable and enchanting way to ask that life-changing question: “Will you marry me?”

We orchestrate these breathtaking aerial spectacles, designed by our animation team right here in the UK. Your show is meticulously tailored to surprise your beloved in a setting of your choosing, transforming any location or event into an unforgettable moment of pure magic.

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Drone Proposals are so unique we’ve made national TV and paper coverage.

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