We often get asked how difficult is it to produce a swarming drone light displays. The answer is – it requires a very diverse range of technical skillsets.

Everything began in 2015 when, as a firework display company, we wanted to film our displays using a drone. A license was required called a PFAW – permission to fly for aerial work. This was achieved in March 2015 for both MLE Pyrotechnics Limited as a company and for Mat Lawrence – a director who trained as a UAV (drone) pilot. Since then 2 further trained pilots joined within the company for general video work. The PFAW recently became PFCO (permission to fly for commercial operations)

This gave a great base point for doing drone light displays. The requirements from a legal standpoint are very demanding and involve a lot of paperwork.

It has taken a significant amount of time to design and manufacture the drone systems something that called upon a huge diversity of disciplines within the business.

Here are some of the DroneSwarm key aspects:

CAD design – designing the drone itself – the plastics and construction

PCB design – designing the control systems including LED and pyro actuation

Firmware design – the software that runs within the hardware

Software design – the control software – actuating the LED and pyro

3D design – being able to design the actual show program for transfer to all of the drones

It is an ongoing journey and we continue to refine, innovate and add to our ability. We integrate LED drones with pyro, fireworks on the ground, lasers and lighting and sound. Combining all of these elements in perfect split second synchrony is one of our strong points.

Please get in touch to discuss your drone light show project by ringing 01327 876 037 or dropping us a message here.

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