We produce stunning drone displays

Do something new

Drone shows are new, unseen and cutting edge.

Why not do something different for your event and add this brand new spectacular entertainment. You’ll be the talk of the town and not only does it give your audience something special – it will be seen for miles attracting attention to your event from non-attendees.

Corporate logos

Your logo, message or symbol can be displayed in the most spectacular way in the sky.

Full colour LEDs can be used in any combination, pattern or style and be animated to transition making your message even more powerful.

Firework Drones

Innovative – industry leading

Because we are one of the UK’s leading firework companies we have pioneered a new way of installing fireworks on drones. 

Full computer control to both the fireworks and LED colour on each drone is available to us from our firework control technology. This gives us perfect integration and synchronisation.

Firework Drone Shows LED
About us

We craft our own animations in house

From simple shapes and logos through to moving stories and animations.  We can transition from your logo to your name in full colour.  We offer LED and pyro options on each of our custom built drones.